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We just received the Tir Bouchon, its a truly beautiful object, which I know for sure will make my son very happy....

Thank you so much for doing it. Hope you and your team have a wonderful Christmas

Warm Regards

Hamilton P. (England)


Dear Yann, Many thanks for your fast reaction. Very kind of you. My parcel was delivered today.

I’ll give it to recipient tonight.

It was a pleasure to deal and communicate with you.

All the best,

Marina Kudriashova (Italia)


I have no words for Fontenille Pataud but I'll give it a try.

In a world where a $4.00 (or free!) corkscrew can open a bottle of wine, why would anyone buy one costing hundreds of dollars? Simply put, because the respect you're already giving (or should be giving) the world's best winemakers and wine glass makers is perfectly complimented by the world's best corkscrew maker. Holding one of their objet d'art in your hand, you can FEEL the energy. You touch it and you're transported to their workshop in France. I don't even want to refer to FP as a company, it's a family that welcomed me from the beginning. From placing my order, to keeping my updated, to responding once I had it, you could not be in better hands. I will enjoy this piece until my dying day and pass this on to the next in my lineage who appreciates hand-made, history-backed, artisanal craftsmanship.

Thank you for your warm invitation, you bet I’ll visit one day!

Julio M. (USA)



Thank you so much for my corkscrew.

I received it weeks ago but have been waiting for the right time to really appreciate it, take some photos and compose my gratitude toward you and everyone at the Workshop. Having my initials engraved is amazing. It’s actually subtle, almost you wouldn’t know they are there unless you looked and I love it that way. I just tagged the company on my Instagram — you have a customer for life!


Julio M. (USA)

Hello Yann, It is an awesome corkscrew.
The olive wood is lovely. I really like the signed note by your colleague who made the corkscrew.
I am using it as a book layer dor the novel I am reading.
Thank you and until the next purchase.
All the best,
Marco D. (the Netherlands)


Dear Yann,
Thank you very much for your great support and the quick processing.
We have already opened our first bottle of wine with it.
I wish you, your family, friends and colleagues a happy and successful new year 2023.
Thank you,
Sven M. (Germany)


Hello Yann,
The other Magnum I ordered arrived today. 
I have never seen one in real life. I have to admit, I am very pleased and surprised. It is a huge cork screwer and so beautiful.  Absolutely love it.
Many thanks to you and all your colleagues for this amazing craftsmanship!
Marco M. (the Netherlands)


First, thank you for the fantastic corkscrew and also the pier chase and service experience. It was a wedding gift for a niece & partner. They received it today and were stunned by this work of art. They did have one question regarding the inlaid feather itself… can you share the name of the bird species it came from?
Best regards,
Paul M. (USA)


Bonjour Yann,
Thank you for the explanation.
Very fascinating! It’ll be cool to see this Magnum evolve with me over time.
I’m also a sommelier by training, so it’s sure to get a lot of use. :-)
All my best,
Melvyn (USA).


Dear Yann,

I’ve just unpacked my new magnum corkscrew and I now have it in my hands.

It is truly a beautiful peace of art.

Can’t wait to submit a new order soon!

Thank you and best regards,

Alberto (Italy)


Please disregard my previous message. I just received my order. Many thanks, it is a beatiful piece of work! Regards,

André Smilts (Germany)


Hello Yann,

It arrived yesterday, thanks! It is amazing.

Is it possible to tag FP on facebook?


Edgar (Netherlands)


Hi Yann,

I just received the corkscrew.

It is beautiful and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Thank you so much.

It’s a work of art.

Jeff (USA)



Hello Yann,

we received the cork screw that we ordered yesterday and it is splendid and very beautiful.

Thank you

Carolyn W. (New Zeland)


Dear Yann,

I received my order today... And WOW!

I love the steak knives and the sommelier knife. They are beautiful!!!!

My 6-year old son picked the Laguiole Magnum for us.

I hope we will be able to visit you in the future, and see how these beautiful cutleries are made.

Merci beaucoup!!

Best regards,

Eric (Singapore)


today i got the corkscrew.

i love your products.

I would like to come to visit. I want to see how you do something like that.

good luck in the future.

many greetings

Christian (Germany)


You can literally feel the tradition and modern technology that is combined in this wonderful piece of art.

Every expectation has been exceeded in every aspect of this masterpiece.

Claudio A. (Malaysia)


Dear Yann

The opener arrived today.

It a wonderful piece.

Thank you so much for making it for for me.

I am more than satisfied.

All the best

Johannes (Switzerland)


Dear Yann

The corkscrew has arrived safely and I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship.

It will be the perfect gift for my son.

Thank you !


David (UK)


Dear Cecile,

Please be advised that,

my order had well rec'd in Hong Kong. Many thanks and appreciated to your kind assistance in let me have these commodities so fast,

so that my Magnum could have cloth right now.

K. Rgds,

Philip (Hong Kong)


Hi Yann,

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how great these two corkscrews look.

I'm certain my friends are going to love their birthday gifts.


Adam (USA)


Thank you very much! I love it - the magnum is beautiful!... will try to attach some pictures.
Greg (USA)
PS - that is not me - that is my friend who suggested the magnum to me - he was at your shop this past summer where he bought the other knives!


Bonjour Yann,
now we are proud owners of Le Chamois, 2x Le Capuchadou and Magnum.
With best regards from Germany
Regina D. (Germany)


Many thanks
The Magnum is my 4th knife from you the photos shown on your website never match up to the reality- they are always more beautiful in the hand ( the mark of hand made). 
The Magnum is no exception every part flows into the other - I love the asymmetric sharpening on the blade and the corkscrew & lever work perfectly. 

Many thanks from Leo (UK)


I am now the proud owner of the most beautiful corkscrew ever made. Thank you so much! I am hugely impressed by the superb quality of your work and I am delighted that I asked you to make it for me.
Best regards,
Simon (UK)


Yes, I have received it. It's beautiful. Viva la France!

Blair S. (USA)



Magnum Corkscrew arrived today.

Will break it in tomorrow for my 60th birthday.

It looks stunning and imagine it fill function beautifully.


Nick H.(USA)


Hi Fontenille Pataud Team,

many thanks, thats what I got today.



Ansgar H. (Germany)


Hi Gilles,

the Sommelier knife has just arrived. What a beautiful thing. You must be very proud of it. I am very proud to own it and doesn’t even matter if it doesn’t get used (it will). I might do a drawing of it, sitting by a bottle of Bordeaux and a bunch of black grapes; maybe some cheese.

Thank you very much.

Bonne chance et bonnes vacance!

Jerry (UK)


Dear Gilles and folks at Fontenille Pataud, The Laguiole Magnum with the special scales arrived this morning as I was talking with a neighbor on the front step. The craftsmanship is simply exquisite. The file work on the spring and the work on the bee are remarkable examples of steel art. I could not be happier. The neighbor will likely become a Fontenille Pataud customer. Best Regards

Robert B. (USA)


I truly LOVE the new Magnum wine opener!  I have used different wine openers through the years.  The Magnum out-performs every other and without question, it one of the most beautiful as well.

I highly recommend this product.  It will exceed your expectations!

Debra (USA)


I received my corkscrew today and it is amazing!!!




Dear Mr. Steinberg,

I received my package in good order

What a beautiful piece of art!!

Thank you very much for your excellent service.

Kind regards,

Ruud (Nederlands)



I've recieved the Laguiole Magnum today and i'm really happy with it, it's beautiful! I will make another purchase sooner rather than later.

Kind regards
Kristian (Sweden)

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