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Our Steels

In order to provide an exceptional corkscrew, we use the best performing steels to guarantee a durable use of your Laguiole Magnum. 


12C27 stainless steel.


Z20C13 stainless teel or Damascus steels. Damascus steels are for the knife maker what gold is for the jeweler.

IMPORTANT: We have chosen to manufacture our Damascus blades with Damascus stainless steel bars sourced at Damasteel®. Given its expense, the Damascus steel is expected to retain its beauty through the years : this is what we do guarantee. A carbon steel Damascus is more "traditionnal" although it would lose the visible patterns through time. It can also rust if not wiped with some regularity. This is why we prefer to manufacture stainelss steel instead of carbon steel damascus.

Plates and bolsters

AISI430 stainless steel.


Forged Z20C13 stainless steel. The traditional bee is solid and forged into the spring. The spring and bee are then hand-chased with a file : This denotes artisan quality, unlike inexpensive mass market products that have welded springs and are machine decorated.

Free Shipping

Take avantage of free shipping on our corkscrews range.

Lifetime Guarentee

The quality of our manufacturing enables us to give you a lifetime manufacturer's guarantee.


We shipped our knives worldwide since 1999.

100% Handmade in France

Fontenille Pataud was founded in 1929 and quickly became recognized as a manufacturer of high-end knives.